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                • Health Center offers Help

                  Our Health Center knows that maintaining good mental health is as important today as physical body health. We have a couple of regular programs that address these concerns. We mentioned the Expect Respect group in our last daily announcements. We now want you to see our Promoting Gender Respect group, a weekly get together to support our female-identifying students struggling at school, home or in the world. Sign up today if you want to be a part of a support team that will be there for you!

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                • Artist of the Day: Madeleine Diaz

                  Madeline Diaz proves again that Spartans are resourceful and original. She talked her mother into modeling for her and took these great portraits. In the first image, she used a paper towel roll to get this interesting perspective and in the second image, she used a bottle of colored mouthwash as a light filter to get this greenish tint. How cool is that? We are looking forward to seeing what other innovations and creative approaches are ahead as students are beginning to see the world around them with the tools they have and seeing that sometimes "limitations" can become inspiration. We are excited to see the world through our students' eyes. Thanks to Mr. Pinto who points out that without some of the digital tools in their quiver, students are going with what they do have, and from where we are it looks awfully good.

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                • Dia de Los Muertos Virtual Gallery

                  Click the title above. You will see Pinole Valley honoring the Day of the Dead with our very first Virtual Gallery! Go to this link and see what we have cooking (we are going to have cooking on our livestream Thursday production). You can enjoy Kenneth Angulo's Students made masks out of cutting shapes out of cardboard and stacking them. Kenneth 's piece has all of the elements: Value, form (3D), organic shape, and color. He used color to add value which is an advanced skill. Most of all, his piece has soul.

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                • Chinese Club begins Today!

                  Chinese Club is official now! We will meet twice a month on Tuesdays, from 3:30-4:00 PM on Zoom. The first meeting is today (Tuesday) November 3rd. We will talk about some general information and make Bubble Milk Tea. If you are interested, please email Ms. Li at xiaozhen.li@wccusd.net or join our Remind: @pvhschushi. We are so excited to have Ms. Li launching the newest of our extracurricular community spaces. Fun and educational

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                • Artist of the Day: Kenneth Angulo

                  This is for the Dia de los Muertos Celebration. Students made masks out of cutting shapes out of cardboard and stacking them. Kenneth 's piece has the elements: Value, form (3D), organic shape, and color. He used color to add value which is an advanced skill. Most of all, his piece has soul. Our celebration will be livestreamed Thursday from 330-430 and will feature Art, Song, Cooking, and more!

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                • Robotics Team takes Award at Cal Competiton

                  The Rube Goldberg style task this year was a challenge for high school robotic teams from around the Bay Area, the Spartan team of Brandon, Quoc, Naydelin, Paolo, Edward, Jonathan, and Keyra built a prototype that was not able to capture the top honors but the video the kids produced did net the Spartan squad Most Comical, which is always a nice place to start. The video which can be seen here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a0fNg6pwz-OXOO1UD-GLz9dNapsHAg3c/view will give you some of the spirit of our Robot team which is going for more this Spring. Join us Thursdays after school to be a part of our squad

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                • Artist of the Day:

                  Nicole Figueroa asks “What kind of future will we have if nothing is done to stop climate change?” Her beautiful composition is not just an accident but the result of careful planning, revision and choices. She has used all of the space considering balance in composition to create a landscape that is dominated by tree stumps. The beautiful execution of her watercolor trees and blue skies, juxtapose the cold lines of the stumps in the barren brown washed ground. Would you be able to guess what her question is if we didn’t tell you?

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                • November Theme: Spartan Alumni

                  Every Monday-Friday since August, we have found a narrative to add to our daily announcements. September we talked about the history of our town, and October was all about connecting the work place careers and school, November, our gratitude month is going to highlight our Alumni. Who are Spartans who took on outsized responsibilities and got work that got attention. We know that there are dozens we are going to miss, but we have doctors, athletes, statesmen, beauty queens and more on the docket. If you know of someone from a graduating class that deserves their moment, send us the information and we will celebrate with the school as a whole. Our purpose is two-fold, we are hoping to say, Way to Go, to those who walked our halls before we got here, and to inspire the current generation that there are so many options and avenues to having a great life. We are rich in history and in potential, and this month is where we put that altogether. But if you have a name from the past who fits in, email us at kkleiman@wccusd.net and we will find a day to bring you to light for this edition of Pinole Valley High School

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                • Artist of the Day: Kevin Hong

                  We spoke with the senior artist who has already built a solid portfolio of art in his three years working with Ms. Shokrai. Kevin explains that some of the haunting beauty in this selection is what he took out. The foliage has been trimmed back from its actual literal scene, so as to create a mood with a more minimal look. The green wash generally took on a kind of glow and we have for us a scene that may not evoke Halloween but certainly does create a vision of something slightly otherworldly. A number of Ms. Shokrai's students are preparing for the Advanced Placement test and International Baccalaureate exam. Both require portfolio's and written summaries of what is on the canvas. Lots of stories to tell. Stay tuned.

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                • Trunk or Treat Welcomes All Ghouls and Goblins and...

                  With thanks to our PTSA and parent community, Pinole Valley's school parking lot turned into Halloween headquarters for Friday night. We had two dozen cars decked out in full spooky fashion to welcome the littlest Spartans to our community. We saw storm troopers, Darth Vader, pigs, princesses and all the Iron Men that one parking lot could host. People kept to safe social distance and all protocols to make it possible were in place. We loved seeing the young people and our students interact as there were lots of photo opportunities and a lot of candy heading to happy homes. We are honored to have a Parent body willing to transform our school to a Halloween party for one night. Thanks to everyone for making it fun

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                Spartan Alumni are the Focus of November homeroom and announcements. Share your stories!

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