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                • Hear all About It!

                  The Pinole Valley Administration wants to share its thoughts about the first quarter of the school year and ambitions and plans for the Second quarter. If you want to hear us in live time, we will be on zoom for our Freshmen on Monday October 26 from 6:00-6:30 p.m. Then we will start all over again for our sophomores on the same Monday from 6:30-7:00 p.m. We will talk about areas of growth and need and then take questions from our families. We will talk about our resources and interventions as well as strategies and best guesses for the future. We will be recording all of the sessions for those who can't be there (and don't tell us the World Series scores, we want to watch that too). We will encourage you to ask questions in the chat feature and if you would like, to set up your own individual conference with us as needed. We look forward to hearing what you have to say about the year that is and will be too.

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                • Artist of the Day: Sadye Loza Cottle

                  Sadye Loza Cottle launches the weekend with her startling transformative art. This may be the right way to kick off the Halloween week. Knowing her art teacher, Ms. Shokrai encourages her students to create using multimedia, we weren't surprised to see the scene but the timing is spot on. "You Were My Teddy Bear" Sadye resurrects her old dear friend complete with a new face constructed from clay, paint and other treasures. It reminds me of the work of Mike Kelley but with a goth aesthetic. Additionally she's staged her soft assemblage sculpture in what seems to be a little alter or vigil for Teddy. One can see where the boundaries between art and lifestyle are almost seamless, or is it that the seams have all been pulled out and exposed? Probably gives you something to think about heading into our spooky week, or rather considering the way of the world 2020, maybe something to think about in the light of the day instead of the dark of night. Teddy Scare?

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                • Saturday with Spartans

                  Delta consulting leads a college tour led by a fully-student run non-profit organization. They provide strategy consulting services for companies in the Educational Technology sector (i.e. Khan Academy, Google, Udemy, Coursera, etc). You can learn more by visiting their website at delta.berkeley.edu That's from 10:00-2:00. Meanwhile our speech team participates in the very first Individual events tournament of the year, this is Impromptu, Extemp, Oral Advocacy, Expository, and Humorous and Dramatic Interpretation amongst others. Want to take part? Email coach mlamons@wccusd.net. And of course, it is also Photo day for seniors on campus, go to Prestige photos to get your appointment made. Track conditioning on the field from 9:00-12:00 and our choir teacher will be distributing material to students in the morning as well. And that's just a warm up for the week ahead....

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                • Artist(s) of the Day: Fiona Jaida Robinson and Stephen Huang

                  Students were introduced to the Element of Art : shape. Students were introduced to conceptual art. Art in which the idea is more important than the concept, Students were asked to create their own conceptual art piece that mapped out their favorite time of day using personal symbols and stream of consciousness thinking. Today it’s Fiona Jaida Robinson, we love looking at this over and over again.. Also on piano today is Stephen playing a sweet solo to start the weekend off in style https://flipgrid.com/s/5HjqUZ2mgr5dfzh7. And all of this precedes the busiest art week of the year, not only is it Open Mic October, where we encourage our team to record a spoken word poem, a guitar riff or a song, and then it is Dia De los Muertos where we will be looking for more music, art and culinary offerings. If you have something to show or something to say, this is your time!

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                • College Coming For You all Weekend

                  If you are new to the college "experience" it can be a little intimidating. OK, a lot intimidating. The good news is we have counselor, Stephanie Zambrano, to help guide the way. She is going to be sharing and helping with our first ever workshop for students who are going to be the first in their family to enroll in college. Everything from the application process, the personal essay, grades, getting accepted, getting wait listed, getting money to pay for school or choosing between different schools. It all happens this Friday, meaning you have time to make your reservation. And invite the family (they may be in the room right over, right?). Be the first, be a Pioneer! This Saturday, we have an invitation from the Delta group which is offering virtual tours of UC Berkeley led by current students to be part of the University of California system. Here's what they've got; We provide strategy consulting services for companies in the Educational Technology sector (i.e. Khan Academy, Google, Udemy, Coursera, etc). We're driven by our passion of providing world-class educational opportunities to all students! You can learn more about us and our mission by visiting our website at delta.berkeley.edu Also the Black College Expo goes to the Pacific Northwest this weekend, so be there between noon and four p.m. for that. And Ms. Stephanie hosts her office hour for college queries stating at 11 today

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                • Boys Basketball ready for Conditioning and You

                  Boys basketball coach Danny Rynning is ready for the Spartans to return the big stage this season. And even before we begin with whatever size season we are going to have, we have conditioning work to see where we are at. The Spartans are coming off a playoff year and are looking for more this season. For anyone interested in participating, please e-mail Coach Danny Rynning at pinolevalleybasketball@gmail.com Please include the student's name, grade and contact information. The first day of conditioning will be Wednesday, November 4th at 4:30pm. That gives you two weeks to dust off those wristbands and see if you dribble left or right handed (both, right?). We are looking for players at all levels, and since we graduated a handful of stars, we need you to step into place and help us not rebuild, but reload. Ball's in your court!

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                • Artist of the Day; Nicole Figueroa

                  "How does society play a role in mental health?" In this work she balances positive and negative space with bold solid shapes. The subject is reduced to basic shapes almost like early Diego Rivera paintings such as "Two Women and a Child." Her face is protected from the world by her hands and her hair could symbolize the chaos or infinite within. The unknown or that without form. Her hair holds the most weight and throws off a composition with center focus into asymmetry - It breaks the picture plane and the viewer imagines infinite expansion of the universe contained in her hair. In this way it feels like a mythology or an archetypal character: the self that looks inward and imagines other worlds. The splatters of paint remind us of the abstract expressionists, and the quest to dispel meaning and representation in art, that without objects in the world and without language. What are the spaces and experiences that are beyond words?

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                • Quarter Two Begins

                  The first semester is now halfway complete. This means a number of things are happening. Grades are being issued, providing a real signifier in terms of progress for the students and staff. We will determine an Honor Roll based on these marks. Students who have done 3.0 work or better will be honored and celebrated (and should put it on their resumes!). The work from the first quarter is factored into the more significant grade, that of the First Semester. We have teachers who average grades and others who grade based on final product, either way, your first quarter grade goes a long way in informing where you will wind up but it is not preordained. For many this is a great chance for a new set of habits and routines. We are also going to do some outreach for those students who didn't make their mark. Considering the final grade for the semester is still 10 weeks away, we are likely to have many opportunities to bring grades up. Teachers are gearing up for the second quarter and know that for many students it is time to make a fresh start. If you've saved the best for last, save no more!

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                • Artist of the Day: Bertha Leon Garcia

                  Mind Maps: Students were introduced to the Element of Art : shape. Students were introduced to conceptual art. Art in which the idea is more important than the concept. We discussed Marcel Duchamp and "the Fountain" (his found art that consisted of a urinal). Students were introduced to 2 contemporary artists that use mind maps in their work. Students were asked to create their own conceptual art piece that mapped out their favorite time of day using personal symbols and stream of consciousness thinking. Bertha Leon Garcia: Her piece is a great example of 2 principles of Art: Unity and Movement.

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                • Senior Stuff all Week

                  There is not a lot of normalcy this school year, but there are some traditions that carry on. We are going to get seniors ready for college and want to get your pictures for when you leave. So it is appointment week and we don't want to miss you or have you miss out. There are more senior events ahead, but we didn't want to wait any longer to bring these to you. The class of 21 has had a lot of roadblocks placed in its path, but this week it is all about the seniors. Every homeroom period for the next two weeks is going to have our counselors go over the particulars and the possibilities per class. We are confident that you will get some news you can use right away. Also it is the days of senior pictures. Prestige Portraits are accepting appointments for you to come to the back of the gym so you can get your best look. Here from 3;00-8;00 daily or all day Saturday. And it is the end of your last first quarter. The end is coming, ready for your close ups? Reach out to your counselors or teachers this week to make sure that you start Quarter Two off in the best way.

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                Senior Pictures with prestigeportraits.com October 19 - 23rd, 3pm - 8pm and October 24th, 9am- 5:00pm

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