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    9/18/2019  -  SPSA completed

    2/28/2020  -  Purchase requisitions entered in MUNIS

    3/23/2020  -  Study trips entered in MUNIS

    4/13/2020  -  Contracts entered in MUNIS

    4/17/2020  -  Increase existing Blanket Purchase Orders entered in MUNIS

    4/24/2020  -  Travel/Conferences entered in MUNIS

    5/01/2020  -  Release warehouse orders entered in MUNIS

    5/04/2020  -  Purchases against Open Purchase Orders entered in MUNIS


  • State and Federal Programs has MOVED

    DeJean Middle School

    3400 MacDonald Ave.


    We are located between the Multipurpose Room and the Back Parking Area on Harry Ells Place.

    Same phone numbers, same staff, and a place for you to work when needed.

    Stop in if you are in the area to see our new digs.