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September 25 Friday Update: Your Help With Multipurpose Family Income Form

En Español

September 25, 2020

Dear WCCUSD Community,

Elsa Torres and the front office team at Richmond High School and I need your help.

We need help spreading the word about the Multipurpose Family Income Forms (Spanish) and having all WCCUSD families complete the form regardless of income level.

For the last six weeks, Elsa and her mighty team of two and sometimes three have been contacting all Richmond high school families about the Multipurpose Family Income Forms, offering advice and assistance in completing the form. It is a scene experienced by school teams across the District that has been transformed because of the pandemic and Distance Learning.

We need Every family to complete the form regardless of income level. Please share with your communities that Multipurpose Family Income Form is an important source of funding for the District and provides students and families with benefits that extend well beyond meals. 

Last year, pre pandemic, Elsa’s team nearly had all Richmond high schoool families complete the forms. It was a lot of work that included calling and meeting with families on the weekend; reassuring and easing fears that the personal information would not be shared and that only the total number of students who qualified is reported. She had to explain the benefits to both families who did and did not qualify and why it was still important to complete the form.

The pandemic and distance learning have added an additional challenge of less face-to-face interactions. School buildings will be open Monday through Thursday by appointment for families to come in and get assistance with the forms. We are also working with teachers and school staff to launch the Beyond the Lunch Box campaign next week. So, look for that and please continue to share with your community and complete the form.

Completing the form is very important as it ensures that your school gets all of the funding and benefits available to support teachers and students as well as other District services. Additionally, families that qualify for the meal program receive additional benefits such as:

  • Fee waiver for afterschool programs
  • Free bus passes
  • Discounts for your family on utilities and internet service
  • Reduced fees for SAT and ACT tests and college applications

Your school may also qualify for additional money and resources like after school programs and other services that support students.

Even if your family  doesn’t qualify, you should still complete the form and it is as easy as checking the box that says “I do not qualify for free or reduced-price meal benefits or I decline benefits.”

Elsa has called the Multipurpose Family Income Forms a challenge that we must beat. I agree. Thank you Elsa and the rest of the school teams for helping to get this done.

Finally, I know the past week has been difficult with the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the violence in Richmond last Friday, and the Breonna Taylor decision earlier this week. The District is here for students and we have resources available. Please reach out to your teacher, principal, or school staff if you or your student needs to talk to someone.

I want to head into the weekend with some good news. Hercules high school student, Alyssa Granera, is showing signs of encouragement after being involved in a terrible car accident earlier this month. The community has rallied and set up this Go Fund Me. Please help if you can.

Lastly, The Ed Fund and the Travis Credit Union Foundation have teamed to support WCCUSD with hotspots and replace aging technology for students to thrive during their distance learning. Travis Credit Union Foundation will match donations up to $20,000. The deadline is Wednesday, Sept. 30. You can donate here.

Thank you and enjoy the weekend.

In community,

Matthew Duffy